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 Q&A mit Cressida aka Natalie Dormer

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BeitragThema: Q&A mit Cressida aka Natalie Dormer   Mo 28 Sep 2015 - 15:03

Hallo, liebe Panem-Fans!

Heute findet auf Twitter wieder ein question and answer (Q&A) statt, diesmal mit Cressida aka Natalie Dormer!

Hier nun die Fragen und Antworten:

Q: Except Cressida, who is your favorite character in the whole saga?
A: Hey @FR_HungerGames. Katniss Everdeen, our heroine!

Q: how did it feel when everything came to an end and 'cut' was called on the final scene?
A: Hi @MrDSelenator! It felt satisfying. I knew we'd all worked really hard for 9 months & was excited to see it come together.

Q: describe cressida in three words & do you see yourself in these words?
A: Hi @silentpolaroids. Cool. Revolutionary. Visual. Probably not she's a bit too calm & controlled. Though we're both passionate.

Q: what can we expect of this movie?
A: Hey @WCKDCAPlTOL. An epic conclusion of the saga! A grand finale.

Q: What was the funniest thing that happened on the set?
A: Hi @teyrgaryen. That would be hard, because when Jennifer and Woody are around there are jokes happening all the time!

Q: What do you think the most important thing to take away from this series is.
A 1: Hi @PianoFreak9. (1/2) A strong female protagonist. It's one step forward in equality that a protagonist can also be a heroine.
A 2: (2/2) @PianoFreak9... That you can have an entertainment movie that is also about serious matters.

Q: did you take any souvenirs from the set? of so what?
A: Hey @sunset0range, a haircut..!

Q: What advice would you give to your character for survival?
A: Hi @NadyaLoebis! I'd tell her to just be herself, she is enough, she just has to be her

Q: Which one was more challenging for you to film part 1 or part 2?
A: Hi @silentpolaroids! To us it felt like the same movie because we shot it all in one go, which is a gift as an actor.

Q: Can you do the mockingjay whistle?
A: Hi @artisjoshifer. I can verify that I just did it on a podcast. I think I nailed it but daren't attempt it twice in one day!

Q: What was your favourite place to shoot?
A 1: Hi @jen__hutcherson! (1/2) I loved being in Paris and Berlin, there were some really interesting old factories and barracks.
A 2: (2/2) @jen__hutcherson... Lots of interesting European architecture. They found some truly weird and wonderful places.

Q: Cressida is an inspired film director. Is directing something you have ever been interested in?
A: Hey @TeamKatnissMTV! At the moment I'm more interested in possibly writing.

Q: how do you remember all your lines?
A: Hi @regaldormer! I learn my lines by listening to them, I record them and listen back. Unlike Cressida, I learn by listening.

Q: who is your favourite super hero and why
A: Hey @regaldormer. I've always had a softspot for Batman, he's probably my favourite!

Q: Was being an actress a dream of little you?
A: Hey @Artur_Badino. Yes!

Q: tea or coffee?
A: Hi @nataliedormcrs. Coffee!

Q: We don't know much about Cressida's past and how she became a rebel, was this difficult for you when it came to portraying her?
A: Hey @HayyLovesTayy! It was, me and all of the camera crew had to fill in the blanks.

Q: could you be friends with cressida in real life?
A: Hi @streamofcolours. Yes, absolutely! I'd be honoured to be friends with her.

Q: what scene out of both mockingjay films was the most fun to film?
A: Hey @ariannesmarteIl. All of the running around and action was challenging but a lot of fun!

Q: what is the best thing about your job?
A: Hey @regaldormer! Getting into flat shoes and trousers and being able to run around - the physical side of the role.

Q: do you watch the movies/shows you work on?
A: Hi @nataliedormcrs I like to watch my colleague's performances. I watch them work up close & like to see how it's cut together.

Q: how does it feel knowing this is the conclusion to such a huge franchise?
A: Hi @cuddlyjoshifer! It's time to finish the story & give Katniss some peace, she's been striving for so long.

Q: who inspired you the most as an actress?
A: Hi @NDormerIta. @_juliannemoore, to see her and work with her up close was extraordinary. An inspiring woman.

Q: if you had the chance to talk to cressida, what's one thing you would say to her?
A 1: Hey @everlarkfever. (1/2) I'd want to talk about what happened to her family, what happened to her to make her revolutionary...
A 2: (2/2) @everlarkfever... On set we all had different stories about what made the team turn on the capitol.

Q: What was your first feeling when you heard that you had to cut your hair?
A: Hi @xwithmyidols! It was an important decision but a no-brainer if it meant being a part of the #HungerGames family.

Q: why do you think Katniss is such an inspiration for  young girls?
A: Hey @kellywithayy! She's a real girl & she has weaknesses, as we all do. She's a flawed hero, that makes her human & relatable.

Q: If you could choose a super power which one would it be?
A: Hi @silentpolaroids. That I could speak every language in the world, so that I could speak to fans all over the world!

Q: What's one of your favorite quote from thg ?
A: Hey @inesibn... "Action!"

A: That's all from the incredible Natalie Dormer. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions to #AskCressida!

Ich hoffe es hat euch wieder gefallen! (:

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Q&A mit Cressida aka Natalie Dormer
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