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 7. Dezember

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BeitragThema: 7. Dezember   Mi 7 Dez 2016 - 1:13


When he awoke, he was alone. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence but it still irritated him greatly
when the usual warmth at his side was missing in the morning.
He knew where his love would be, there was really only one place he would go this early in the morning.
But he also knew that he should give his love a bit more time before coming to get him back to the onsen.
Turning onto his side, Victor was about to close his eyes when they caught the calendar.
There wasn’t a bright red circle around the 24 or anything like that.
But seeing the month made his mind automatically think about what day it is. And that’s what made him realise that it’s Christmas.
And suddenly Victor felt very awake. He knew that Christmas had a different  meaning in Japan so it stunned him a bit
that Yuuri had left their bed on such an important day. He sighed before getting up and going over to the closet.
Now he would definitely not fall asleep again. Great. Maybe today could be an exception and he’d go to the ice rink earlier than usual.
He looked over at the clock. It wasn’t too early, already 8 o’clock. It might still be an hour earlier than he’d usually go to get Yuuri
but it was also late enough that he could justify it. And he really wanted to spend Christmas with the one person
he had grown to love more than anything.
A red blush spread across his cheeks as he thought about his present, stored away safely in his old room.
He hadn’t even been sleeping in there for a month now so he was also quite certain Yuuri wouldn’t find it there.
He smiled.
Quickly he got dressed, grabbed the necessaries before going to get the small box from his room.
He really hoped this would work. They haven’t been dating for a very long time – some would argue
that an engagement would be way too rushed. But he knew now and would know for eternity that this was it.
And so he set off, determined to make this Christmas – although it was their first – the best one in their lifetime.
At least for now.

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BeitragThema: Re: 7. Dezember   Mi 7 Dez 2016 - 12:04

Manchmal ein bißchen schwierig zu verfolgen, wer gerade "he" ist ... und ein paar Schwierigkeiten mit der grammatikalischen Zeitfolge.
Wegen des LGBT-Szenarios vermutlich ein echtes Fröschlein ...
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7. Dezember
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